Redding Area Golf Courses

Redding Golf Courses are below with links to much more detail of each golf course on their individual pages.  Located in Northern California we are fortunate to have the ability to play golf all year long in Redding.  Locally we have four distinct seasons through the year, yet we are able to play the game we love most of the time.

18 Hole - Redding Golf Courses

The Golf Club at Tierra Oaks

Tierra Oaks Golf Club - #11 Green
Tierra Oaks Golf Course, Pro Shop Entry
Tierra Oaks Golf Club - #1 Tee

Tierra Oaks Golf Club in Redding is the most difficult in the area and many would say the most beautiful.  Opened in 1993 to wide acclaim.  Stillwater Creek lines holes 1, 2, 14, 15, 16 and 18 while Golfers must shoot over the creek on 2, 16, 17 and 18.  Add to that the tributaries marked as hazards on holes 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13 you have a difficult and enjoyable day of golf.  The club has had its growing pains being the second private club in town over the years and it is a golf club and not a traditional country club missing amenities such as swimming pool, tennis and the like.  With golf primary on your agenda this is a course that will keep your attention, and with its varied terrain it will continue to be hold your interest.  Amenities that are at the club include driving range, practice green, restaurant, banquet facility, and the lounge.

The Golf Club of Tierra Oaks is surrounded by vacant land and a fantastic neighborhood of high end custom homes set well back away from the course.  Nearby by is Gold Hills, which has homes surrounding it in a closer more traditional fashion.

Tierra Oaks fairways are Bermuda, the greens are Bent grass with predominate undulations on many holes that make putting challenging.  Occasional bunkers both fairway and greenside through out the course.  Undulations from tee to green on each hole make it interesting for the player, you wont likely see the same shot twice

Tierra Oaks Golf Club Pro-shop can be reached @ 530-275-0887 or in the office at 530-275-0795
19700 LaCrescenta Drive, Redding California, 96003.

Gold Hills Golf Club

Gold Hills Golf Course, Redding CA - #15 Green
Gold Hills Golf Course, Redding CA - Practice Range
Neighborhood around Gold Hills Golf Course, Redding CA

Gold Hills Golf Club is the only 18 hole public facility in the Redding area.  The club opened in 1980 and has had multiple changes since.  In it's current state it is enjoyable to play.  In the last few years they have improved the playing conditions to a very nice level, at different times of the year it is equal to or better than some of the private courses in town as far as the conditions go.

This course is surrounded by a great neighborhood of custom homes.  Lots are still being added and homes being built at a slow pace.  Golf shots are not affected by the homes but some of the homes are affected by some wayward shots. Visit a little more neighborhood information Click here.

The fairways at Gold Hills Golf course are Bermuda, the greens are Bent.  Occasional bunkers and ponds both fairway and greenside are in play on this course.  The course is surrounded by homes with more being built.  The course wonders through some small valley's with the homes over looking the course, while other holes are more level.  It has the word Hills in the name for a reason and for most is best ridden in a cart the first time you play it.  The finishing holes are a bit quirky and difficult with #16 a uphill par 4 that is an extra 2 clubs on the second shot.  The 17th goes back down the hill all at once with its short par 3 distance.  The shot usually is affected by a breeze and always the elevation change. A steeply sloped green from back to front awaits sitting well above the surrounding terrain which makes for a difficult up and down.  The 18th is a par 5 with OB on both sides of the tee shot, hit a good one and is not to tough, a missed shot will cost you two.

Golf Hills Golf Club can be reached @ 530-246-7867
1950 Gold Hills Drive, Redding California, 96003.

9 Hole - Redding Golf Courses

Churn Creek Golf Course

Churn Creek Golf Course
Churn Creek Golf Course - #1 Tee
Churn Creek Golf Course - Pro Shop

Churn Creek Golf Course is a public 9 hole facility, it has a lighted 300+ yard driving range (open till 11pm in the summer) and practice putting green along with the pro shop.  Food and drink are available.  This traditional designed course has parallel fairways separated by large trees.

There are no homes around this traditional nine hole course, swing away!  The surrounding area is primarily homes on acreage.

Fairways and greens are primarily Bermuda.  Occasional bunkers greenside throughout the course.

Churn Creek Golf can be reached @ 530-222-6353
7335 Churn Creek Rd., Redding California, 96002

Lake Redding Golf Course

Lake Redding Golf Course - #1 Green
Lake Redding Golf Course - Sign
Lake Redding Golf Course - #9 Green

Lake Redding Golf Course has a location right in downtown Redding.  This little par 29 course is very convenient to most areas of town.
In the summers they run night golf with glowing golf balls and cups (I need to try that).

The fairways and greens are primarily Bermuda.  Occasional bunkers greenside throughout the course.

Lake Redding Golf Course can be reached @ 530-243-8527
1795 Benton Dr., Redding California, 96003

Grape Ranch Golf Club

Grape Ranch Golf Club, Palo Cedro CA - #8 Green
Grape Ranch Golf Club, Palo Cedro CA - #2 Green looking back at the Fairway and Mt Lassen
Grape Ranch Golf Club, Palo Cedro CA - #5 Green looking back the the Fairway

Grape Ranch Golf Club is probably the one of best layouts in town for a nine hole golf course opened originally in 1992.  A beautiful view of Mt. Lassen is tempts you to look away from the game, keep your eye on the ball as the multiple ponds can jump out and gobble it up.

The fairways at Grape Ranch are Bermuda and greens are Bent Grass.  Occasional bunkers greenside throughout the course. Water comes into play on the first three holes and #2 is particularly interesting.  A short par 4 tempts the longer hitters but water protects the front right half of the green and the entire right side of the fairway.

Grape Ranch Golf Club can be reached @ 530-547-3012
22499 Golftime Dr., Palo Cedro CA 96073

Tucker Oaks Golf Course

Tucker Oaks Golf Course - Hole 2
Tucker Oaks Golf Course - looking across the course
Tucker Oaks Golf Course - #3 green

Tucker Oaks Golf Club is the most wide open of all the courses in the area, very tolerant of errant shots.  Opened originally in 1965.

There is a mobile home park to the right just off the first tee that gets a few balls hit its direction, and two neighborhoods on other portions.  The course has plenty of room around it, very forgiving so swing until your hearts content.  Most of your golf balls can be found.

The fairways at Tucker Oaks are Bermuda and greens are Poa Anna, the greens are kept in good shape.  Occasional bunkers greenside throughout the course.

Tucker Oaks Golf Course can be reached @ 530-365-3350
6241 Churn Creek Rd., Redding CA 96022

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