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The Links at Rolling Hiils
formerly known as Sevillano Links Golf Course

Sevillano Links Golf Course, Corning California
#3, a dramatic par 4.
Sevillano Links Golf Course at Rolling Hills Casino is a signature John Daly design and is located 50 miles south of Redding in Corning CA.  The traditional "links" designed course plays to over 7800 yards from the back tees with multiple choices to fit your game.
Details, Descriptions, and Pictures are shown here.
Sevillano Links #4 Tee, Corning
Par 3, #4
Sevillano Links #13 Tee, Corning
#13, the only trees on the course
Sevillano Links Clubhouse, Corning
Clubhouse from the rear.
Sevillano Links #14 Tee, Corning
Par 3, #14

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Sevillano Links Golf Course has undulations throughout that are in great balance, a little hill here, a little hill there, just enough to keep it interesting.  The course is as you'd expect a links style golf course to be, with just one tree in play on the entire course.

Blue grass has been added to the existing Bermuda grass in the rough areas to add a striking visual definition to the course.  The Bermuda is also used on the fairways and tees.  The Greens are Bent grass, they look and play very good.  This golf course at Rolling Hills Casino is a signature John Daly design.  It plays to 7813 yards from the back tees and 5416 yards from the front plus choices in between. Sevillano Links golf course is a great recent addition to the Golf Community in the north state.

Rolling Hills Casino is located along Interstate 5 in Corning just off the Liberal Avenue exit (#628).

Curiosity Satisfaction:  
Sevillano is a variety of olive grown in the Corning Area.  In California, Manzanillo and Sevillano (Queen) olives make up nearly 90% of production.  Manzanillo is by far the major cultivar while the Sevillano is 2-3 times its size and used as a table olive.  Both were introduced from Spain in the late 1800s.

Sevillano Links Golf Course
2655 Barham Avenue
Corning, CA 96021

Sevillano Links Golf Course can be reached @ 530-528-4600

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Sevillano Links Clubhouse, Corning


Shown here are some to the John Daly inspired items at Sevillano Links, the placard is from the par 3, 16th hole.  These placards are placed a the back set of tees appropriately called the "John Daly Tees",  they play to 7813 yards.........ouch!.
Sevillano Links Clubhouse, Corning
The clubhouse with veranda shown here as you approach the course. It looks out over the driving range along with a bit of the course which is spread out over 400 acres, more than twice that of most courses.
Sevillano Links Clubhouse, Corning
The parking lot view of the Clubhouse and Pro Shop, obviously a very nice building and terrific views also.

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Sevillano Links Clubhouse, Corning
The practice Range has ample room for quality practice from turf in terrific condition.
Sevillano Links Clubhouse, Corning
The driving range is great, ample in size with visible barber pole style targets and in ground markers showing your distance to each.
Sevillano Links #1 Tee, Corning
#1 Tee, the first of five par 5's on the course and the beginning to what should be a great day of golf. Be sure to choose the correct set of tees for your game, you have plenty of options.

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Sevillano Links Clubhouse, Corning
#2 Tee, A long par 4.  You'll hope the wind is at your back for this one.
Sevillano Links Clubhouse, Corning
#2 Green, A great backdrop here should help with your depth perception. Like many holes on the course there are collection areas around the greens that will give you a variety of ways to play these short delicate shots if you miss the green with your approach shot.
Sevillano Links #3 Tee,
#3 Tee, a short downhill dogleg par 4.  The safe shot is down the fairway while those with a bit more gusto can attempt to cut off a good bit of distance and try to carry the bunkers.  The green is at the far right edge of this picture. You now John Daly would go for it.

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Sevillano Links #4 Tee, Corning
#4 Tee, the first of five par 3's on the course.  Like the other par 3's it has lay-up zones for the higher handicap players and forced carry's for those playing further back.
Sevillano Links #5 Fairway, Corning
#5 Tee, a downhill par 4.
Sevillano Links #6 Green, Corning
#6 green, a slightly uphill par 3. The view here is from the green looking back towards the teeing ground.


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Sevillano Links #7 Tee, Corning

#7 Tee, a slightly downhill par 5 with a twist.  A split fairway is in play, the left side of which can't be seen from the tee and is available for those wanting to cut the distance down a bit.  The main fairway is off to the right of the picture.  A barber pole will be placed to give you a chance to locate your shot correctly and shorten this hole up should you dare.
Sevillano Links #7 Fairway & Green, Corning
#7 Fairway and Green.  If your successful in cutting the corner this is your next view. A well protected but sizable green awaits.  Most of us will play to the right. The Links style certainly shows here.
Sevillano Links #10 Tee, Corning
#10 Tee, a dogleg left par 4. One of many holes with a risk versus reward option to cut off a bit of distance with a well placed tee shot.

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Sevillano Links #11 Green, Corning

#11 Green. This long uphill par 4 is predicted to be the toughest on the course with a green protected by a large bunker on the left and plenty of bailout room on the right. The mounds just left of the green is sand that had yet to be spread in the bunker.
Sevillano Links #13 Tee, Corning
#13 Tee, the only tree on the course is in play on this shot.  The tee box is located at was once an old homestead and the trees around it are what's remaining.
Sevillano Links #14 Tee, Corning
#14 Tee. Beware of what you don't see in this picture.

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Sevillano Links #16 Tee, Corning

#16 Tee, A downhill par 3 with the lake protecting the right side.
Sevillano Links #17 Fairway, Corning
#17 Fairway and Green.  This par 5 is a double dogleg with a nice view of the 65 acre lake to the left.

#18 at Sevillano Links,
we'll leave that one to you.

Playing 686 yards from the John Daly tees you'll know by now if you've chosen the right set of tees for your game.

Some unnamed golfers will play the tees just to say we did.   We'll take home with us the bruises to our egos...
Long live Big John!

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Course Ratings


Tees Par Rating Slope Yardage
John Daly 72 78.0 140 7815
Championship 72 75.9 138 7359
Tournament 72 73.4 130 6799
Challenge 72 70.4 125 6259
Challenge 72 76.1 125 6259
Olive 72 71.7 118 5467
Course Record:
Special Events
 Special events will be played a couple times a year on a layout  of 18 par 5's, 
playing to par 90 at over 10,500 yards. 

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Sevillano Links Golf Course - Score Card


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT


11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOTAL Ratings
Men Women
JOHN DALY 598 509 386 262 492 191 585 434 474 3931 544 500 198 422 214 624 224 470 686 3882 7813 78.0/140  
CHAMPIONSHIP 570 493 376 217 458 178 559 418 450 3719 534 480 189 402 206 587 192 441 628 3659 7378 75.9/138  
TOURNAMENT  547 446 350 201 384 159 541 386 405 3419 510 457 168 389 198 532 172 430 614 3470 6889 73.4/130  
CHALLENGE  495 405 311 169 373 128 504 354 392 3131 500 411 140 351 145 516 159 386 585 3193 6324 70.4/125 76.1/125
OLIVE  444 331 252 134 334 88 462 287 345 2677 402 375 91 290 116 477 135 343 561 2790 5467   71.7/118
MEN'S HANDICAP  5 1 17 9 3 15 11 13 7   12 2 16 14 18 6 10 8 4        
PAR 5 4 4 3 4 3 5 4 4 36 5 4 3 4 3 5 3 4 5 36 72    
LADIES HANDICAP  9 13 11 7 17 1 15 5   14 2 18 12 16 6 10 8 4        
     Scorer:  Attest:  Date:

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Sevillano Links Golf Course - Layout

Sevillano Links, a John Daly signature course layout,
This photo was from very early in the construction.

Sevillano Links Layout
They have a website located at.
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